Rules of entry

  1. The closing date (30 June 2021) is stated at . Entries registered after the published date will not be considered. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the contact details on the nomination. TOPRA has no responsibility for entries which are delayed or lost in transit. 
  2. All nominations must be made in English. 
  3. Incomplete nominations, or those which do not fulfil the category criteria, including the time criteria, will not be considered. However, TOPRA reserves the right to contact nominators to request additional information at its discretion. 
  4. While it is acceptable in most categories for companies to nominate their own employees, or colleagues to nominate those they work alongside, it is generally expected that nominations for the Support category will be client-led. A consultancy company or service provider should not submit a nomination for itself unless the nomination includes significant support material from clients.
  5. Should companies wish to nominate their own teams or products, the Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entries that are deemed purely promotional – that is, without substantial independent supporting evidence, such as user research or client testimonials. 
  6. Sponsoring companies may not submit entries for the categories they are sponsoring. The sponsoring of the Awards in any way or at any time will not influence the opinion of the independent judges, which is based purely on the material submitted. 
  7. Persons or organisations which are nominated but do not win may be re-entered for the same category in subsequent years. However subsequent nominations should contain significant new/additional information. Re-submission of an identical nomination will not be considered. 
  8. Individuals who are winners of their category may not be re-entered for the same category on the basis of the same material in future years. They may be entered in another category but it is expected that the material used to support this subsequent nomination will be substantially different to the previous submission. 
  9. Individuals should not be entered for more than one category for individual Awards in a single Awards year. Specifically, these categories are likely to be Contribution, Horizon, Inspiration and Lifetime Achievement. (PN, this does not apply to individuals who are also being nominated as part of a team in the same year.)
  10. Should more than one nomination for the same individual or group be registered/planned by different nominators, the Awards team will endeavour to notify the persons concerned to suggest a combined nomination. Should the nominators confirm that they will enter a joint nomination this will take precedence, otherwise the first nomination submitted will take precedence.
  11. The same nomination material may not be used to enter multiple categories. A company may enter more than one category at a time providing the supporting material for each nomination is significantly different. If the material is considered to be insufficiently different the nominator(s) will be advised.
  12. Companies or teams who are winners of a category may re-enter the same category in future years provided that the basis of the nomination is substantially different (eg based on a different project or client). 
  13. TOPRA reserves the right to suggest that a submission made for one category might be more suitable for another. Such a recommendation should not be construed as implying favour or a greater chance of success. 
  14. Material supplied in support of the nominations will not be returned. Hard copies will be archived in confidential storage for up to 24 months after the results are announced, then destroyed confidentially. Electronic versions will be stored in line with TOPRA’s data policy in force at the time and in compliance with GDPR. 
  15. Information supplied in the nomination form is treated as confidential apart from the summary, which is used for publicity, the script, finalists’ booklet, social media, etc. Occasionally further information may requested from the nominee or nominator for publicity purposes. It is the responsibility of the person making the nomination to ensure that no material included in the summary is commercially confidential. 
  16. Nominators must ensure that, to the best of their knowledge, all information supplied in the nomination form is correct. By submitting the nomination, nominators are making this declaration.
  17. The judging process is confidential. All judges sign a confidentiality agreement and are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest and will not be allowed to judge entries in which they have such an interest. 
  18. In the event of no entries being received, or if none of those received is of a suitable standard for an Award in the opinion of the judges, no Award will be made. 
  19. The decision reached by the judges will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the final result, which will be announced at the ceremony. 
  20. TOPRA reserves the right to vary the length of the shortlist for each category as appropriate depending on the quantity and quality of the nominations received that year.
  21. Finalists will be notified and their name and employing organisation will be used in TOPRA Awards publicity.
  22. Nominees who are not shortlisted will not automatically be contacted. 
  23. Finalists will be required to attend the Awards ceremony. A representative of the nominee may be substituted by prior arrangement with TOPRA.  
  24. Attendance at the Awards Ceremony and Dinner is by ticket only and anyone without a ticket will be refused admission.
  25. There will be photography and other recordings made of the Awards ceremony which TOPRA reserves the right to use in its publications, social media channels and website. 
  26. TOPRA holds the copyright to the Awards logos and supporting material and these may not be used by a third party in any communication, including internal company publications, without written permission.
  27. Should a circumstance arise for which no rule exists, TOPRA reserves the right to refer the matter to an independent adjudicator or to a TOPRA Board member who can provide an impartial view in that case. The Rules will then be updated to reflect the advice received so that any subsequent nominations will be subject to the same decision.
  28. The organisers reserve the right to update these Rules in response to questions which may arise at any time in the Awards cycle.