The Futures Award acknowledges the role of regulatory scientists in realising the potential of cutting edge technologies, such as those involving medical devices, advanced therapies and innovative medicines and their delivery systems. Such advances help bring innovative treatments to patients faster by embracing  Scientific Advice and combining a flexible and professional approach to certification and licensing with excellence in quality management  and benefit-risk assessment. This Award focuses on new products and innovative technologies that provide a significant advance in healthcare techniques and improve the delivery and efficacy of existing therapies.

Open to individuals, teams or organisations

The nomination may be for a person, team or company who has:

  1. Delivered a highly innovative medical device or in vitro diagnostic medical device, new medicinal product, or combination product involving a medical device.
  2. Made an appreciable difference to the healthcare of patients in a therapeutic area
  3. Demonstrated clear public health benefits resulting from the new product or technology.
  4. Has added to the body of scientific knowledge and regulatory expertise.

The nomination may cover:

  1. The development of a strategy or approach for handling an innovative healthcare development that may be novel or a radical development from an existing medicine or medical device/technology.
  2. A piece of research that facilitates the conformity assessment or regulatory approval process of an innovative medical device or medicine.
  3. A regulatory solution to a complex or innovative scientific development.

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