2019 Finalists

Winners were announced at a formal dinner and awards ceremony at The Merchant Taylors' Hall in London on 21 November.

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  • WINNER - Martin Harvey Allchurch, Principal International Affairs Officers, EMA, and Governance and Board Relations Manager – External Relations, Unitaid, World Health Organization, Switzerland
  • Will Drury, Senior Business Associate, Cyton Biosciences Ltd, the Netherlands
  • Global Regulatory Affairs, EU Regulatory Team, Primary Care Sanofi, France


  • WINNER - Steve Lee, Senior Regulatory Policy Manager – IVD, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK
  • Nishant Mahajan, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Clinical Development, Norgine Limited, UK
  • Paul McCleverty, Senior Director, Regulatory Oncology Regional Head, Janssen, UK
  • Sarah McFarlane, Regulatory Affairs Director, AstraZeneca, UK
  • Sarah Roberts, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, PRA Health Sciences, UK 
Daniela Drago  


  • WINNER - Daniela Drago, former Associate Professor at George Washington University’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington DC, USA and now Senior Director, US Regulatory Sciences, Biogen, USA
  • Roche's Rare diseases Regulatory Expert network (RaRE), Switzerland
  • Caroline Vanneste, former Manager, Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada


  • WINNER - Regulatory team at Boyds, UK
  • Global Stem Cell Technology, Belgium
  • Karen Taylor and Sebastian Payne, Deloitte LLP Centre for Health Solutions, UK 


  • WINNER - Jack Daley, Regulatory Operations Manager, Gilead Sciences, UK
  • Ashley Dukes, Manager, Regulatory Affairs Therapeutic Group, Global Regulatory & Quality, Research & Development, GSK, UK
  • Clara Desvignes, Senior Regulatory Scientist, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS), France
  • Vatsala Patel, Regulatory Affairs Executive, Regulis Consulting, UK
  • Sabine Ruhle, Senior Regulatory Associate, Boyds, UK 


  • WINNER - MedBoard, UK
  • Business Workflow Enablement for Labeling (BWEL), Merck & Co, Inc, USA (BWEL Leads: Anita Cunningham, Exec Director Global Labeling Regulatory Affairs, John Janick, Director Innovation & Information Management, Jamie Brubaker Hall, Director Labeling Operations Innovation & Information Management)
  • Joyce Tait, Co-Director, Innogen Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK



  • WINNER - Lavonne Patton, Director, Regulatory Affairs and Product Development for the Regulatory Sciences Group of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, USA
  • Janet Lewis, Head of Regulatory Affairs MCO (UK & Ireland), GRA Region Europe, Sanofi, UK
  • Lucy Clayton, Therapy Area Director, Clinical Development, Norgine Limited, UK
  • Louisa Ballard, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Compliance, EMEA - STERIS Corporation, UK


  • WINNER - Regulatory Affairs Team, Regulis, UK
  • Clinigen Group Regulatory Affairs Team, UK
  • Klifovet AG, Munich, Germany
  • MEDSPERO, Dubai, UAE 
David Jefferys   


  • CO-WINNER - David Jefferys
  • CO-WINNER - John Deavin