Awards categories

The Awards for Regulatory Excellence cover a total of nine categories, spanning all aspects of our profession.


Recognises regulatory professionals conveying complex healthcare messages to a broader audience. Find out more


Honours regulatory professionals who have made a significant contribution to a team or regulatory project(s) over the past three years. Find out more


Appreciates significant contributions to regulatory education, professional development and training. Find out more


Acknowledges the role of regulatory scientists in realising the potential of cutting-edge technologies. Find out more


Recognises outstanding regulatory ability in individuals with fewer than five years’ experience in the regulatory profession. Find out more


Honours outstanding achievements in the deployment and successful implementation of innovative ideas. Find out more


Celebrates mentors who inspire the intellect or prompt action or innovative outcomes. Find out more


Appreciates the critical role that supporting organisations play in drug development and lifecycle management. Find out more

Lifetime Achievement

Recognises an individual who, through his or her life's endeavours, has made a significant impact and enduring contribution to healthcare regulatory affairs. Find out more