The Communication Award recognises regulatory professionals who have worked (perhaps together with other organisations) to ensure the delivery of safe and effective human or veterinary medicines or devices to market, by using clear and effective communications. The category includes dissemination of information (such as a journal publication, a web-based article or via a social networking site) on a technical regulatory topic, or other ‘professional to professional’ communication such as training or SPIN groups among others. In addition, examples of good communication by regulatory professionals to 'end users' be they patients, healthcare professionals or regulators, relating to the safe delivery of human or veterinary medicines or devices, are also eligible. The creative use of innovative communication methods will also be celebrated by this award.

Open to individuals, teams or organisations

The nomination may be for a person or team who has:

  1. Made clear efforts to reach a solution for a current communication challenge.
  2. Overcome a significant barrier to communication.
  3. Applied innovation to the solution.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to open communication channels.
  5. Provided metrics to define the levels of success of the communication solution e.g. timelines, budget, quality, effectiveness of communication (perhaps by demonstrating that the communication achieved the required result in terms of usefulness and clarity).

The nomination may cover:

  1. The development of an approach, idea, or practice which enhances the regulatory profession by introducing a better way of conducting business.
  2. A publication or piece of research that provides interpretation in a complex regulatory situation.
  3. A technological advance in providing solutions to regulatory professionals

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