The Contribution Award recognises regulatory professionals who have made a significant and consistent contribution to a regulatory team, a project, or to a regulatory science or to the profession within the past three years. They can be an internal member of the team or an individual contractor or consultant. They will have a level of expertise and practical knowledge that inspires respect and confidence among their colleagues and external contacts. They will drive forward standards and good practice in regulatory affairs and lead by example by keeping up to date with current legislation and regulatory practice.

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Open to individuals only

The nomination may be for a person who has:

  1. Demonstrated a high-level of regulatory expertise.
  2. Driven better standards of regulatory practices within the organisation
  3. Made a measurable difference to the success of a regulatory project or registration.
  4. Acted as a mentor to their colleagues.
  5. Demonstrated commitment to the improvement of healthcare regulatory affairs.
  6. Raised the profile of the regulatory affairs team by acting as a regulatory resource within the company or beyond.

The nomination may cover any type of regulatory project, for example:

  • PIP/MAA/CTA submission
  • Leading a team through a complex regulatory situation
  • SmPC negotiations
  • Leading an inspection team
  • Consistent achievement in managing personnel and projects.