The Horizon Award recognises an outstanding ability in individuals with fewer than five years’ experience in the regulatory profession. The winner will have set themselves apart from their colleagues with their understanding, accomplishments, leadership skills, motivation and commitment to regulatory affairs. Nominations are accepted from employers and colleagues, who should be in a position to judge the ability of the nominee including details of the nominee's achievements and potential.

Open to individuals

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The nomination may cover:

  1. An individual who has shown great promise in a new career through understanding and initiative
  2. An individual who has been able to take the lead for projects with success
  3. An individual who is highly motivated and consistently produces high quality work

The nominee may have demonstrated:

  1. A consistently high standard of work with a commitment to quality.
  2. Motivation, commitment and initiative in their approach to the regulatory profession.
  3. Special regulatory, scientific and/or technical capabilities in a regulatory discipline.
  4. Leadership or leadership potential.
  5. Special achievements in their work