Graham Higson

Managing Director GCH Pharma Consulting Ltd

Graham is currently Managing Director at GCH Pharma Consulting Ltd. Previously he has held posts at NDA Advisory Services, GE Healthcare and was Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca between 2006 and 2010.

His career in industry started with Baxter Healthcare (formerly Travenol Laboratories) initially in the UK, before spending time working in Belgium and France whn he joined Synthelabo. On returning to the UK he worked for Ciba-Geigy and then joined Sandoz to head their Regulatory Affairs Department. In 1991 he went to Gensia Europe where he established a European regulatory and quality function. Mr Higson was employed by Pfizer Global R&D from 1995 until early 2006. Following the creation of Pfizer’s Worldwide Development in 2003 and the Pharmacia acquisition, he returned to the UK where he was responsible for regulatory affairs in Europe, the International regions and worked closely with the Japanese development and regulatory groups. 

In his current freelance consulting role, he also acts as Executive Director for the European office of the Critical Path Institute and is a member of the NDA and Navitas Advisory Boards.

Mr Higson holds an MSc in Pharmacological Biochemistry and he is a fellow of TOPRA.


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